Individuals experiencing symptoms of depression and/or anxiety (fear or unease) will learn ways to reduce their symptoms and feel better about themselves and improve their relationships. Individuals experiencing unusual stress will be taught ways to relax their minds and bodies which may include the use of visualization, meditation. and/or EMDR, a very effective form of therapy.

With EMDR Therapy, I help individuals unlock distressing memories, usually resulting from some form of trauma, to process and release those memories.  The past cannot be changed, but what can be changed is the way one reacts in the present to past dysfunctional memories. EMDR Therapy has also been reported effective in treating PTSD. abuse, panic attacks, phobias, stress and anxiety, addictions, eating disorders, pain, grief and loss, and supporting performance enhancement. An informative handout is available upon request.  I am certified in EMDR Therapy by the EMDR International Association

Couples experiencing difficulties will be helped to recognize. identify and assess the direction of their relationship while being supported in attaining their goals.

I have also been trained as a divorce coach for Collaborative Divorce, a non-contentious form of dissolving a marriage or domestic partnership.  Working with a team of professionals, we help couples through the separation process in a collaborative and more efficient way, saving time and money.  Divorce coaches help each individual move more quickly through the emotional ups and downs of the divorce process, teaching them more productive ways of communicating, managing their stress and anger, both of which interfere with making decisions that are in their best interests, and staying focused on their goals, rather than their separate positions.  As a Collaborative Child Specialist, I help formulate a parenting plan for couples going through the divorce process that have minor children.  Coaches are also useful in mediated and litigated divorces for the same reasons.

I offer reduced fees for military personnel, psychology students and interns. I see clients Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays in Long Beach and Wednesdays in Torrance.

Remember, seeking psychotherapy is not a sign of weakness but of strength.

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Specializations include: